Canadian Tire Jockey Shifter

Made a jockey shifter tonight. Got it on sale at Canadian Tire for only $10 bucks!!
Who knew ya could get a kick ass shifter for only $10 bucks AND get a free extension and two sockets! Sweet!

Knock the pin out and...

...weld that bitch to the splined shift shaft.

Done and done. Still got to clean it up yet, but I gots me a pretty cool shifter for only $10 bones.

If ya look close at the last pic you can see where Baker undercut the mainshaft where the outer bearing support rides. It's cut down to a metric size, so your totally fucked unless ya pony up for their support. What kind of bullshit is that for an "American" company to run a metric sized bearing?!? I thought fuck 'em, I'll get a metric bearing and mill out my old bearing support to fit, but no one makes a bearing even close to the proper OD and thickness, so WTF can ya do other then buy the Baker one?? Not a damn thing....