My weekend so far......

....has been awesome. Friday night, burnt the midnight oil with Gelvis in the Crewhouse, wrenchin on the Choppasaki. Few minor issues to get it ready for the ride on Saturday.

 Get that all buttoned up and then Saturday we blast off to Moose Jaw to meet a couple DeathWheelers at Potgorneys house for a bbq, drinks and great fukn stories. Fukn awesome ride up, couldn't ask for better weather. Great eats at the bbq! Thanks so much to Jude and Pot for the awesome meal and hospitallity.

 The ride home was sooo good! Riding at night is such a blast. I've rode that road to MJ a kabillion fukn times, but blastin down it at night just makes it seem so much different.

 Finally, a pic of what'll be one of MJ's most kickass chops soon. Potgorneys Triumph. I coulda sat in the shop there and put this thing together all night! I am so pumped to see this bike completed and Pot shiftin the gears along side us heading anywhere the road will take us. Soon Pot.....soon!