Been having a lot of problems with the transmission in my Panhead. Fat bastards doing holeshots all the time seem to have taken their toll. Last week coming in off the highway something piled up and I had no clutch. I timed a lot of the lights right and got real close to home. I get to the very last light and have to stop. You ever try jamming a jockey shift bike into first with no clutch? It don't work, believe I tried. Over and over. Finally I push the bitch up on some dudes lawn and kick it over rev it to like 12,500 ! I see the owner looking out his window wondering what the fuck all the commotion is as I slam it into 1st and start digging in. I get all hands and feet on board and get the fuck going! Got it home and ripped apart. Looks like the kicker clutch gear nut has loosened off. I wish! Turns out the end of the fucking mainshaft broke right off. Ughhh.

Anyone have an oem, or Andrews mainshaft for a '65 - '69???