Awesome weekend for riding

What an awesome weekend for riding. The weather was HOT! I got out both Saturday and all day Sunday.

Saturday met up with some of my DW Bro's at Pot's place. Had a blast seein' you dudes again. Good times. Thanks for the hospitality Pot n' Judy!

Pile of shit bike running on one cylinder barely got me out of Moose Jaw. Finally cleared up and hauled fuckin' ass home!

Sunday was awesome as well. Put on 500km ripping all over. Bike ran flawless until almost home and then it starts shifting like shit. Then finally it won't find any gear. WTF?? Winter is going to be busy fixing a whole lot of broken shit!

Shitty cell phone pics:

Didn't see any Beeffalo's on the roam


Best chicken sandwich ever!

Autumn in bloom

Whiskey and Rye !!

Back roads rule!

FreeWheel Burnin'