Saturday Ride

Went to Regina for some business, met up with Cory and he talked me into ridin to Indian Head cause he had a tattoo consultation at Valhalla Tattoos. Cool little shop. Its an antique store with a super wide variety of odd shit. Then the monsoon hit. Poured rain just leavin the city. Launched my shovel, like both wheels off the ground, over this dip in the road, ripped my new saddle bag strap!! Nothin a couple zip ties and a bungee cord couldn't fix. The pouring, face smashing, getting shot in the face with pellet, turn you into the biggest pussy rain only lasted for about 10km, then it was decent till we got to Indian Head. Sat there watchin it rain for pretty much an hour chillin under an awning outside the tattoo shop. Somehow Cory lost his Blackberry! Needless to say he was fukn pissed. I would be too. Good thing he"s got fat stacks to buy another one. Sweet Pan and Shovel, blastin down the highway side by side, weavin thru traffic at 85mph was fukn awesome.

Check out RJ at Valhalla Tattoos