New Tattoo

Got some new ink today. Its a homage to what I think was the best time in chopper history. The David Snow/Ironhorse years. The New York City Psycho Cycles, Indian Larry, Steg Von Heintz, English Don and countless others.

The bikes these guys built are amazing. Built for kicking fucking ass and nothing less. Fast, narrow and light. Hauling ass through NYC jockey shiftin', rippin' hard, exactly how a chopper is supposed to be built.

This lil Executioner guy started life as a David Snow doodle that ended up being used as one of the shop logo's for Psycho Cycles. I copied the little doodle right from the pages of Iron Horse and gave it to RJ at Valhalla Tattoos. He cleaned it up and made it a little more tattoo friendly. I think it turned out absolutely fucking awesome!! I could not be happier with the job he's done.