What a shitty fkn last few days. First I lose my crackberry, then today I go out and fire up my bike and push it half way out the garage to let her warm up. I'm cleaning the bugs n shit off my glasses and I hear the rpms start to scream. I turn around and see her laying on its side! Motherfucker!! I picked it up instantly. The only damage is to the tank. Weird it didn't mess anything else up.

Well screw it, not much I can do but ride. I haul ass out to Regina Beach and every time I slow down I'm hearing this strange sound. Same sound Shawn and I heard Saturday. I thought it was just the open clutch acting up or something. Nope. Turns out all the rear sprocket bolts are backing out. Fack!! I hand tighten them and roll into the gas station and ask the kid for some tools. He's got a little baby pair of vice grips. Well its better then nothing. I Torque 'em up about as tight as a five dollar hooker and I'm on my way! I'm thinking my best bet is to keep a steady load on 'em to keep them from backing out again. Hauled ass home, no holeshots or wheelies, and miraculously they were all still fairly snug when I got home.

Bad shit comes in threes right??