An introduction of sorts...

Welcome to the brand spankin' new Death Wheelers Blog. Just as the first post states, we here are all chopper fiends. We eat, sleep & bleed all things choppers. We have no love for stock shit. Vintage - period correct shit is pretty cool, sure, but you won't see some stupid fucking $1000 dollar taillight on our chops. I'd straight up sell that shit to buy me more chopper goodies or tools to work on 'em.

There ain't much we can't do collectively. And that's what is the main drive behind this site. The love for thy chopper and for helping out other choppaholics in their quest to build, ride and maintain one of a kind kick ass ma'fackin' choppers!

And speaking of rides. We will be using this blog to spread the word about some of our legendary chopper rides and camp outs as well as other awesome adventures.

We've tried to set this blog up so anyone can post a comment or email any of us about anything you see here. Got something to say? We'd love to hear it, and build a stronger chopper community here in the prairies.

Stay tuned! We're just gettin' started!